Playmobil Grand Princess Palace – 110 Euro

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This is the “holy grail” of the Playmobil Princess series. It’s a really big set – it comes in a big box: 58x50x14cm, when it is built the height of the tower is 70cm(!) and the base of the palace is 80cm. The palace is very impressive, you cannot miss it when you enter the play room, thanks to the combination of size and the colors. It has 2 towers and a stairway that reaches them. 2 Playmobil figures are included in this set, they seem to be the Prince and the Princess.  All of the included furniture are very royal: chairs, sofa, vases etc. dominate this luxurious space. This palace has enormous space, so it makes sense to add  other small sets of the Playmobil princess series so they can all live together happily ever after. some examples for small sets are: 6854 – dining room or 6851 – child bedroom

Bottom line: It is great as a Dollhouse and it has very exceptional size which emphasis the royal feeling. As for the price: Playmobil sold the previous versions of this palace (Such as 5142 model) in much higher prices, reaching almost 150 Euros. Now, they came up with this model with much more reasonable pricing. On my opinion, it makes a great gift and under 100 Euros it is totally worth it.

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Playmobil princess grand palace