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Playmobil Firefighter car – 9.99 Euro

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The new Playmobil firefighter car unit, is a small version of the company’s known fire engines. Here it is all about a small and cute car, colored with the classic red-yellow fire engine style. It got a siren on top, for design purposes, it doesn’t make a sound or light.

The firefighter figure itself is a smiley dude, equipped with all the needed accessories: Gloves, Helmet, Torch and more. The set has a garbage can included and some fire images to help the kid who plays with it to simulate a real emergency. The whole combination is really nice and exciting. True, it is not as impressive as the big Playmobil fire engines, but it’s in different price scale – up to 10 Euros, and sometimes even less. Enjoy playing 🙂

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Playmobil small fire car