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Playmobil School Class – 19.99 GBP

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The new Playmobil school class set became quite a best-seller due to its functionality. It contains a Class room which is also a Playmobil house (without the accessories). Besides that there are plenty of authentic class furniture such as school chairs and learning tables. The chalk board is fun and it can be really used with a white pencil (included in the set). Besides that there is some lab equipment and small Playmobil music tools.

The set includes 3 Playmobil figures – 1 teacher and 2 students (with backpacks), it can actually host another 2 Playmobil children figures, since there are 4 chairs included. All together it’s a versatile set, which is a lot of fun to play with.

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Click to get sale price for Playmobil School Class