Playmobil Doll house box – 24.39 Euro

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This Dollhouse is one of Playmobil’s most favorite sets. It closes up to a sqore box, so from the outside it looks like a simple painted plastic box. But inside there is a great variety of stuff, starting from a coffee cup or a hair brush up to sofas, beds, a TV screen, a bath and a lot of other cute detailed items. The house has 4 different rooms: on the first floor there is a living room and a kitchen, and on the second floor there is a big bathroom and the bedroom. 3 Playmobil figures are included, 2 parents and a baby. Besides that, there are 2 dogs keeping this house. You can’t go wrong with this toy, it has all it takes to keep a child busy for hours, since there are so many items and different ways for the figures to use them.

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