Playmobil animals zoo sets

Playmobil animal series – 4 sets . Total cost: 39.98 Euros

Playmobil Lions family – 10.99 Euro – Click Here!

Playmobil Zebra family – 15.99 Euro – Click Here!

Playmobil Panda Family – 7 Euro – Click Here!

Playmobil chimpanzee – 6 Euro – Click Here!

Here we gathered 4 different sets of Playmobil Animals which trades at a very attractive price in Playmobil has a decent variety of animal sets and they are very popular since they are made out of good quality, and some of them can move their legs, heads and even their mouths (the lions). Here we gathered a few of these sets that offer this interactive actions for the kids.  Some other sets we checked are very nice to look at, but basically the animal is in steady pose, which is, well… boring for some children. The Lions and the Zebras are more costly since they come in bigger figures and bigger package.

This set is currently offered at the best price in Amazon France. If you’re not ordering to France, please read our How to make a smart order? guide, so you can plan your buy to be worthwhile. If you need to add up some items to reduce shipping cost, you can get into Amazon France category and choose from there.


Playmobil monkey
playmobil panda

playmobil lion

playmobil zebra