Playmobil rescue boat

Coast Guard rescue boat – currently out of stock

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This Playmobil boat is pretty big. It can be used in water (The stickers won’t get off), so it makes it also a fun bath toy. In the front of the boat there is a hose that can spray water around and it’s done by pushing down the pump in the rear part of the boat, it’s easy. Besides that it includes 3 Playmobil figures and a few more objects. There is a cable and a hook on the front of the boat to help it connect to other objects. The inside of the boat can be approached either from the rear part or from a special grey door beneath the front window. We like these toys that can also keep the children busy in the bath (so it makes it an easier job to convince the little one it’s time to take a shower). This one is a fun toy, inland or “bathland”, and it does the trick.

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Playmobil boat best price