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Playmobil fashion designer – currently out of stock

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The new “Advent Calendar” series of Playmobil includes this set, which is offered in bargain price considering its content.

The set has 107 pieces, which is a lot! it makes different possibilities of game and different combinations and uses for the Playmobil figures. There are 7 dress items, not including hats, bags and other stuff (AKA accessories). There is a painted back set that makes the shop atmosphere look real. the variety of furniture is great: mirrors, desk, hangers… a lot of stuff. including a small cute pet dog 🙂 It is highly recommended, comparing to other Playmobil fashion sets in this price.

This set is currently offered at the best price in Amazon UK. If you’re not ordering to the UK and you want to add up some items to reduce shipping cost, you can get into Amazon UK category and choose from there. You can also read our How to make a smart order? guide, so you can plan your shopping to be even more worthwhile.

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