Playmobil Super 4 Castle – 97.94 Euros

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Playmobil has its popular Knights series for many years. It includes small to medium sets of knights with different tools, horses, carriages and so on and some variety of castle sets, which are bigger sets, and they are the basis for all the going on of the Playmobil figures. The castle sets are usually very impressive, they come in different colors, shapes and themes and usually they are also much more expensive than other Playmobil sets…. But, here is the thing, about a year ago Playmobil released a new theme called the “Super 4”, it is in a many ways similar to the knights theme. The figures here are a bit different in their look, since some of them have different face expressions other than the famous Playmobil smile. Personally, I think it makes it more interesting. However, recently the prices for some of the “Super 4” products became more convenient. Here there is a Playmobil castle set, in a very attractive price, comparing to the other options,  it includes 3 characters, a horse and some medieval weapons. It is not a square or a closed building, so you can “go” around it and see the back of it. But all together it is a fun set for good value. Further more, it has a handle on top, so it can be carried around.

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Playmobil Castle super 4