The Playmobil Police van – currently out of stock

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There are quite a few city police vehicles sets of Playmobil. Most of them include a car + 2 action figures with different designs and equipment. This set goes with the same concept, with one significant difference. Here the police car is a big van with different possibilities to use it. It has no less than 7 seats – 2 in the separated front of the van and 5 more on the back of it, where you have a special side door to open and get in and another 2 doors on the rear of the car. It can also be approached from the roof, on both parts of the van – rear and back. It has a siren unit on the roof, it is operated by a single AA battery. the sound is realistic, not too loud, and it turns off automatically after a few seconds, so it’s not annoying like in some other toys. Besides that, the policemen here a bit different, they are not “blue” police, they are better equipped and they seem like special forces unit (black uniforms, helmets and all). the price is good and it’s a very impressive set.

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Playmobil Police Van