Playmobil red Porsch 3911

The real thing – Playmobil Porsche 911 -29.99 GBP

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This car set is different from other Playmobil car sets. Unlike other car sets, The Playmobil Porsche 911 design is of a genuine car model and it is very accurate. This set is for the more “demanding” type of children who are impressed by the sports design of the car. Indeed it looks less “toy like”, and our guess is that some grown-ups like it even more than the children themselves. So, what do we have here? The set includes a Porsche agency that has an exhibition wall, a desk, few mechanic tools and Playmobil figure additional to the driver. The car itself can change its rims, there are 2 sets of them. It is operated by 3 AAA Batteries in order to activate the front light, rear lights and also the dashboard lights. Mind you – The car is driven by hand, the batteries are only for the lights. In the right price, this is a good choice for the Playmobil car fans, kids and parents. If you like the model and concept of realistic feel, than it is a great set for you, but if you are not a Porsche or sports car fan, than you can settle for other Playmobil car sets that are a bit cheaper.

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Playmobil Porsche best price

Playmobil Porsche best price