Playmobil fire engine 5362

Playmobil Fire Engine rescue unit – 75.55 GBP

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Playmobil has several fire engines sets. Some sold in fair prices at the US market, and others are sold in fair prices in Europe. This Playmobil fire engine unit is usually quite expensive in the US, not in Europe though. This fire engine is Playmobil’s biggest and most impressive. There is also the 5363 model which is generous in size, but it doesn’t have a ladder, so children tend to like this one (the 5362 model) much more. So what do we get from this set which makes it better? It has a big cabin, with 4 seats, so you can always join some other Playmobil figures to the ride, with the single fireman that comes with this set. It has a siren (Light & Sound unit, operated by 2 AAA batteries) and like in other Playmobil sirens, it turns off after a short while, so that keeps you away as a parent from thinking “My life was good before I bought this noisy toy, what have I done?”, the sound is soft and it’s not annoying. And of course, there is the fantastic ladder. It has a manual roller that helps the child roll it out and reach to maximum height, and it is quite high, something like 3 times the length of the truck. The truck has 4 stabilizers to keep it steady while the ladder is used. Personally, I wish I got one like this when I was a kid.

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Playmobil fire engine