Playmobil City Zoo

Playmobil City Zoo – 46.91 Euro

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Children love animals. Even when they are afraid of them, they are fascinated by them. Some will approach and pet in order to feel the animal while others will look from a distance and keep an eye contact. The Playmobil City Zoo fits both kinds. It’s a city Zoo, or a petting Zoo if you like. It contains 7 pairs of animals: 2 pairs of goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, hamsters and 2 tiny birds. They are surrounded by a fence and they have a feeding place. There are 4 Playmobil characters included: A Zoo keeper, who has a wheelbarrow to work with, 2 children – girl & boy and another adult who looks like a grandma. We recommend it because of the variety of animals and characters it offers, it provides many ways to play with and encourages imagination.

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