Playmobil roman ship and roman Squad

The Playmobil Roman Boat – Ship 41.42 Euro + Squad 20.57 Euro

Playmobil Roman war ship – 41.42 Euro – Click Here!

Playmobil Roman squad – 20.57 Euro – Click Here!

The Playmobil Romans are part of the company’s History theme. They are very authentic all the way from their unique clothes and helmets, to their weapons and the SPQR flag. They seem like they come to conquer even though all the figures wear the famous friendly Playmobil smile. One of the pros of this series is that it can be combined really good with the Playmobil Knights theme, So you can join them to the knights you have already or buy some later on.

Here we recommend on 2 different sets, that if bought together they make a complete Roman army. Each one of them stands alone of course.  The first is the Roman ship: it is well shaped, very long (58 cm) war ship, that has a big sail and a set of paddles on each side. On the front it has a canon that can shoot “fire” arrows. Like in a genuine roman ship, it carries goods like wine and fruits. there are 3 characters in this set – 1 general and 2 soldiers. It floats in the bath, we tried. The second set is the Roman squad: this is a squad of no less than 6 roman soldiers, there are small differences in their costumes so probably they carry different ranks. you can decide who’s in charge. They all have swords and shields and they are offered in a very good price at Amazon Germany.

These sets are currently offered at the best price in Amazon Germany. If you’re not ordering to Germany and you need to add up some items to reduce shipping cost, you can get into Amazon US category and choose from there. You can also read our How to make a smart order? guide, so you can plan your shopping at Amazon to be more worthwhile.

Playmobil Roman Ship History
Playmobil Roman Ship History