Playmobil Swing

Playmobil Flying Swings – 74.99 Euro

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The Flying Swings set is really straight forward, What you see is what you get. There are no small parts or accessories, it’s all about the swings and the Playmobil figures – 2 fashionably dressed moms and 2 children, boy and girl. The carousel has lights system, operated by 3 AAA batteries. The swing itself is manual, there is a small handle that operates it, and it can make it go real fast! like in the real world when the swings are going fast, they get some height and with the lights on, it seems very realistic. Mind you that the set comes with a lot of stickers to put on the carousel, so if it’s for a young child, some help is needed in order to be accurate. As always, we recommend the sets that have the combination of quality and fun as well as their value for money, and that’s the case here.

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Playmobil Swing set