Playmobil Pre-School

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This set is a part of Playmobil’s Pre-School series. It is called “Sunshine Pre-School” and it’s the main set of the whole series. The action here is happening in a 2 floors building, with a teacher and a class of 4 children. The decorations on the outside walls of the buildings are very colorful and pleasant. On the inside it’s equipped with many toys (which makes them “toy toys” if you know what I mean), and large variety of furniture. It also has a few kitchen tools and sink and all you need for toilet and bathroom, so it is actually a complete dollhouse, a very happy one. The second floor is smaller than the ground floor, and it contains a classroom, with writing board, ABC chart and more. We found it very cheerful and fun to play. This a set which is about children for children. In the current price it is offered, it is also a good buying opportunity (also thanks to the decline of the GBP value).

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