Playmobil Princess Grand Palace 6849

Playmobil Grand Princess Palace – 68.99 Euros

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The Playmobil palace is one of the most desired Playmobil dollhouses. The model has through some changes during the years. The current is compact comparing to those before, yet it is as beautiful. Besides, the smaller box size allowed the price to drop from previous 110 Euros (for the previous 6848 model). If you want to enrich the inside of the palace, you can add these special add-ons: 6854 – dining room or 6851 – child bedroom

The palace includes 2 towers castle, closed with a golden gate. There are the princes and princess (or quin & king if you like) and they have a small playmobil baby. The palace is fully equipped with all the fancy looking furniture that you would expect it to have, such as a royal seat, a royal sofa and more. All together it makes a great gift for a child and it is really fun to play with.

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Playmobil Princess Grand Palace