Playmobil Fairies Mushroom

The Fairies Mushroom House – 34.99 GBP

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It’s a kind of magic. Yap, it is not only the name of the famous Quin’s song, it is also a Playmobil toy. The fairies Mushroom house is an imaginative toy, as a child’s toy should be in order to allow children to explore, to wonder and to create their own stories. the “ingredients” are fabulous – the set includes 3 fairies, one “grown-up” fairy and 2 smaller child fairies. Each character has a different distinctive look. Their home is a white-pink mushroom, based on a green surface, with a tree and an owl watching them. There is a separate magic tree (with golden colored fruits) that grows next to a small puddle in which there is a duck and small baby ducks. And finally, there are 3 magical Unicorns, one for each fairy, so there are 2 small ones and a big one. All together this set is totally adorable and we found the best value for magic for you.

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Playmobil fairies mushroom hosue