Playmobil Super 4 agent 6692

Playmobil Secret Agent Super-Car – 20.89 GBP

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The spy set belongs to the “Super 4” theme of Playmobil. It includes the spy figure, Which is a well-dressed Playmobil figure, and the big super-vehicle. The vehicle is designed as a future-like machine. It has huge colorful wheels and a big cabin with enough room for 3 Playmobil figures. The front screen shield opens up to get the figures in and out. Besides that it has 2 doors, one in each side and to get full approach you can easily open the roof . One of the doors has a special way to get in: you put the figure in a round tube, turn it around from the top of the vehicle, and the figure gets inside. besides that, there’s a robot figure that does whatever robots do. This set falls to the category of one of the coolest! as always, we bring it here since it has a good price offer.

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Playmobil secret agent super car