Playmobil Pirates hideout Fortress – 40 Euros

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The Playmobil Pirates port belongs to th “Super 4” theme and it is one of its most successful items since it’s a highly equipped model. Besides the 2 genuinely looking pirate figures, there are a lot of tools and weapons to play with. For example: You have a large canon that can fire shells, guns of different kinds, swords, pistols, furniture and small plastic fish. One of the pirates has a canon arm, so he can also shoot darts straight from his hand. The building/shack is well designed. It looks like it is made of colorful wood and it has 2 rooms, one in each floor, where the figures can live 🙂 this set is recommended because it has handful with detailed objects, it is very colorful and the Playmobil figures are definitely unique. The price makes it even more attractive.

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Playmobil Piretes Fortress