Playmobil Ambulance helicopter

Playmobil Ambulance Helicopter – 24.95 Euro

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After we reviewed the Fire Brigade Truck and the Police Van we had to find the best deal for an Ambulance unit to have all of the rescue units represented. On our opinion the Ambulance helicopter is the most interesting since it’s not only an Ambulance, it is also the best Helicopter Playmobil sells these days. The reason is the size and usability. The Helicopter has 2 seats cabin with a very nice and realistic cockpit. On the rear side you can approach the inside from 3 doors: 2 side doors and one rear door, where you can load the stretcher into the Helicopter. There are 3 Playmobil figures included: a pilot, a doctor, and a patient which is a girl figure. So, it’s not only an Ambulance it is also a flying toy, needles to say how popular are these among boys. It is the best way to get both in one, we checked other current Playmobil Helicopters (like the Police Helicopter) and this one wins due to its proportions. If you need a police unit, go for the Van, If you want an Ambulance, This one is great for the right price.

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Playmobil Ambulance Helicopter