Playmobil Polar Bear Rangers – 15.99 GBP

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This set is a part of the new Playmobil Arctic series. This specific ones includes 2 arctic excavators, very “well dressed”, meaning: gloves, coats and equipped with sliders and hiking tools. they also have big binoculars with an adjustable stand (you can move it up and down to set the height). The stand can be placed on a big chunk of “Ice”, well designed with stairs to allow the Playmobil figures to climb on it. last but not least are the 2 beautiful Playmobil Polar bears. There’s a big one and a small one and both can move all of their legs and head, like in the best Playmobil animal models. Personally I think they look stunning. Anyways, it’s a new set and it is sold in an attractive price in Amazon Germany. have fun 🙂

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Playmobil Polar Bear - 9056