Playmobil Wolf Knights Castle

Playmobil Wolf Knights Castle – 149.90 Euro

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Playmobil’s Knights theme has few spectacular castles. Each knights army has its own castle with his own characteristic symbols, weapons and colors. The wolf knights have a big (not the biggest though) castle and they carry the wolf symbol and wear green-silver uniform. Some of the knights also wear wolf shaped hats and fur (no worries, the fur is’nt real :-). The castle itself is full of possibilities: It has 2 towers on top of the wall. One of them contains a whole room in the 2nd floor and has a prisoner cell on the 1st floor. The main entrance to the castle is through 2 big authentic looking doors. If you want to simulate a break-in to the castle – one of the walls can be taken off and back, especially for that cause. There are 3 wolf knights figures included, each one has a different costume. We chose to recommend this castle since it is one of the more beautiful ones, and also because it is sold in deal prices relatively often.

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Playmobil Knights Castle