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Playmobil Police Station – 70.13 Euro

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The new Playmobil Police Station is an upgrade for previous Police station sets. It’s an “all in one” deal – You get the station of course, but you also get the police car, which was not included in previous versions (such as the 5182). The car has a siren system, which can be operated with light only or light & sound. Don’t worry, sound stops after 45 seconds by itself ๐Ÿ™‚ You also get a Police Helicopter (which is the 5916 set, that costs 12 Euros when sold separately).

You have 4 Playmobil figures included in this set – 3 policemen, very well equipped with office staff and weapons, and you also have the criminal, which comes with his own buggy vehicle (a separate set would cost at least 8 Euros). Kids can play with this set with no need of add-ons, it has it all for a complete story. Totally recommended!

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