Playmobil Passenger Airplane – 74.90 Euros + Check-in Stand – 22.01 Euros

Passenger Plane – 74.90 Euros – Click Here!

Family at Check-in – 22.01 Euros – Click Here!

The 5261 model is a very big Playmobil Passenger airplane set. The airplane is designed as a commercial jet and it is very impressive. It has 2 jet engines, 7 seats inside – 2 for the pilot and the co-pilot and 5 for passengers. Besdies, There is a toilet room in the airplane. The inside of the plane can be easily approached by taking of the roof. The plane also has a cargo door in the rear side of it. The length of the airplane is about 59 cm.

The Playmobil Passenger plane comes with 5 Playmobil figures (pilot and stewardess, a ground crew person and 2 passengers). The Control Tower very realistic, it is almost 40 cm high and it completes the feeling of a whole airport. All you need to add is a draw of the runway and that’s it.

Even though it is a great set by itself, you can combine it with the Playmobil Check-in set that includes check-in stand and a traveling family. First of all, a passenger airplane needs to have passengers and second: the check-in set is a great combination since the Playmobil figures there come with suitcases, it has a trolley in it, there are flight tickets and besides, it is a cheap add-on. Any kid who ever went with his parents on an airplane can relate to these objects and simulate the whole process of going on a flight. Luckily, here there is no long waiting from the moment you arrive the airport to the take off…

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Playmobil Passenger Airplane

Playmobil Check in Stand and Family