Playmobil Novelmore Large Knights castle 70220

Playmobil Large Knights Castle – 125.99 Euros

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The new Playmobil Large Knights castle is also known as the Grand castle of Novelmore . It is spectacular set, indeed in a large sacale. The castle is based on the older model of Playmobil Wolf Knights Castle.  But its size and playing options are different. Here, you have the main Playmobil fortress, attached to a wall that leas to another defense tower and the main gate.

The set contains 4 Playmobil figures, accompanied by a horse and a wolf. The castle has a lot of medieval furniture, including a treasure box – which is probably what the knights are defending. There are very nice add-ons to this set, that also stand for themselves, such as: The Novelmore Treasure Transport 70392 or the Novelmore Knights assault squad 70538. both sets can add Playmobil Knights and more action to the game, and their price goe between 15-19 Euros.

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Playmobil Large Knights Castle