Playmobil Alpine Cabin

Playmobil Alpine Cabin – 52.99 Euros

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As it comes to Playmobil’s Houses, size and content matters. The Playmobil Alpine Cabin (5422 model) gives a great value for money as it comes to the size and looks of the house itself. It can host some of your other Playmobil figures as well as the 5 that comes with it. It is about 31cm wide and it has 2 floors, not including the paved yard in front of it.

As for the content – The building is beautifully designed, if you like the country style look. It is very colorful and a lot of thought was given to the details, such as the Chimney, the red windows, the “Wooden” porch on the 2nd floor and the unique entrance. Inside the style is authentic as well. The furniture are separate so you move them around, and they all designed as they were made of wood.

The outside of the cabin has a front deck, where you can locate the benches, and next to it there is place to put the farm animals – a Cow and 2 Goats. The set has 5 Playmobil figures: 2 locals, dressed up as country people and what seems to be a travelling family of a 2 adults and a boy. Altogether, the scene of this set is very large and it provides a variety of options for playing. Have fun 🙂

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Playmobil Alpine Cabin