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Playmobil Jeep + Campers – 20.99 GBP

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This cool looking Playmobil Jeep set is recommanded here for few reasons: It combines variety of play options. You can ride the family in the Jeep and besides that you can let the Playmobil children figures to row in the water (Bath or Pool). Second reason is that the Jeep is very authentic and fun to play. The wheels are flexible to allow it cross tough driving roads (meaning – other toy obstacles), it looks like the real thing, and it can ride the whole family and carry stuff and its rooftop. And the third reason is that Playmobil managed to pack this set in a relatively small package so shipping costs are lower, in case you are ordering it from far.

The set includes the Jeep, which has a removable roof. An adult Playmobil figure and 2 child figures. Besides that there are 2 colorful Kayaks with the rowing equipment. I took this set to a family vacation so the kids something to play with and it kept them very busy and happy. The Kayaks float in the water so they are a part of our bath toys since.

This set is currently offered at the best price in Amazon UK. If you’re not ordering to the UK and you want to add up some items to reduce shipping cost, you can get into Amazon UK category and choose from there. You can also read our How to make a smart order? guide, so you can plan your shopping to be even more worthwhile.

Playmobil Jeep and Campers