Playmobil Fairies Garden

Playmobil Fairies Garden – 30.20 Euro

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The new Playmobil Fairies garden is as fascinating as the previous ones. The Playmobil designers kept the unique look of the Fairies – colorful hair, wings, magic stick etc. and added new features such as the 2 child/baby fairies in this set. Another great addition is the magic flower which has an internal light that glows when it is opened. The light is operated by 3 Standard AAA batteries. Besides that there is the scene of the Waterfall and the other plants, which are indeed magical. Last and not least is the golden winged horse – a great Fairy icon. Altogether this set is really beautiful, it makes a great present as a Fantasy toy and the value is good on my opinion. Have fun 🙂

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Playmobil Fairies Garden Price