Playmobil Speedboat and surfers

Playmobil Speedboat – 31.49 Euros

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First of all, The Playmobil Speedboat set is a great bath toy! The boat has an underwater engine, operated  by 1 simple  AA battery so it can sail around in the bath. My kids really love it, so usually the boat stays close to the bath. It is not our first Playmobil boat, and what makes this one more fun to play with is that it has 4 seats for Playmobil figures and it moves smoothly in the water, not too fast, so my 2 yrs old kid can also enjoy it.

Besides the boat there is the Car which is 2 seats vehicle. the roof can be taken off to give it it more sportive look. The trailer is build to carry the boat, in case of non-bath playing. The colors of the car & boat are matching and they look good together. The couple of the Playmobil figures are well dressed for beach activity, they have a surfer and picnic stuff. i think this set is totally worth it for the electric boat, kids love it. The rest of the set is a great bonus and the pricing is really good.

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Playmobil surfers and Speedboat