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Playmobil’s new Police Van – 48.95 GBP

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The new Playmobil new Police Van is a blue police version of the Playmobil Special Police – 6081 that was released last year and became a big sales hit. It is base on the same police van, but here it’s colored in typical city police blue-white combination. The 2 policemen are also wearing formal blue and formal police hats. Their equipment includes personal weapons, handcuffs and different barriers for creating road blocks.

The police Van has a Light&Siren unit that is operated by a regular AAA battery. There are 2 options for it: Light only or Light&Sound. The siren is not loud and it turns itself off automatically after 1 minute so it is not a hassle.

Besides that, the Police Van is full of options. there are 3 ways to get in: a side door, 2 rear doors, and the rooftop can be taken off. It has 7 seats for Playmobil figures, and the rear 3 seats can be folded if you prefer to put more stuff inside it.

The Playmobil Police sets were always very popular and this one is no exception. The relatively big Police vehicle makes it even more attractive.

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Playmobil new Police truck