Playmobil Dinosaurs T-Rex set

Playmobil Dinosaur T-Rex set – 69 Euro

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The new Playmobil dinosaur set is all about action. The Dino figures here are of T-Rex, the mega predator of the Dinosaurs era. There are 2 Dinosaurs included: a Big realistic colorful T-Rex, that can move his hands, legs, head and jaw. The second one is of a smaller predator with the same functions as the big one.

Besides them there’s a Playmobil figure of brave ranger with a stun gun, riding a small buggy car. The set also contains some rocks, and dinosaurs food – bones and meat. Of course the human is also considered as dinosaurs food if he doesn’t drive fast enough…

The set is all about action and it is very exciting to play with, specially for boys, but not only. The price label is also very attractive. Have fun 🙂

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Playmobil Dinosaurs

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