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Playmobil Polar Rangers Base – 39.95 Euro

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Playmobil Polar Rangers Base is the main and the biggest set of the current Playmobil Arctic series. The series includes Polar rangers who explore the Pole and the Wildlife (such as the Playmobil Polar bears set) and on the other hand there are the ice pirates who try to interrupt. The Base set here belongs to the “good guys” – the polar rangers. It includes 3 Playmobil figures of 3 rangers. They have a ski motorcycle, a big Igloo where they operate from, and a canon to defend themselves. Besides that they have a tall antenna for communication and a lot of equipment. The main Igloo has a lab, in which there is a test tube with great light effect (made by a simple AAA battery). The light gives the Polar base an exciting light effect.

When the set was released in 2016 the price tag was close to 50 Euro, but recently the price became much more attractive. It gives good value for money. It stands by itself and if you choose to add another Playmobil arctic set, they will combine perfectly.

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Playmobil Polar Rangers Base