Playmobil Playground set – 23.99 Euro

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The Playmobil Playground set is one of the most colorful and cheerful ones of the playmobil collection. It’s one of the brand’s best sellers, and why is that? first, it has 4 Playmobil figures – one adult and 3 children, so any kid can find a figure to identify himself with. The Playground has some very realistic facilities. The slide tower is the main one, it has swings and a ladder, and it is designed as it was made of wood. Additionally, there are the carousel and a small horse shaped string swing. There are two trees for the outdoor atmosphere and a bench with some picnic stuff next to it.

The attention for details in this set is noticeable and children sense that as well. Even though this is not one of Playmobil’s big sets, it has a complete setting for playground park. It seems like it is equally popular among boys and girls, probably since both like to spend time on the real playground. On my opinion you can’t go wrong with this set. Have fun playing ūüôā

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