In order to get better value for your money, it is important to know these 2 facts:

  • Different Amazon sites offer different prices for the same products.
  • The same products change prices all the time (normal price, sale price, holiday price etc.)

In we are trying to bring you the best prices for recommended Playmobil sets. Actually the best prices don’t depends on Holiday season or special sale per product, sometimes these are just headlines that meant attract buyers. Great prices often appear for no particular reason, in order to inhence sales, get rid of stocks or a lot of other reasons.

When you buy from an Amazon site which is not your country’s site (or you don’t have Amazon site specific for you country and you need to buy abroad) then you will pay for the shipping of the goods. For example say if you’re American who buys from, or Russian who orders from any Amazon site you will need to pay for shipping. Still, there are ways to make your purchase worthwhile despite the shipping charge:

  1. The more you add to one shipment – the cheaper it gets per product. let’s say I order from the Uk at site (Germany). The first item that I’ll grab to my cart will show me a certain shipping cost, let’s say I added a Playmobil Dollhouse that costs 29.99 Euro – the shipping cost will be 6.40 Euros. now, if I’ll add another item – let’s say I want another one of the same model (but it can be any product from any category) – the shipping price won’t double. The shipping cost for 2 items will be 7.30 Euros.  So, the second item will cost me just extra 0.90 Euros to deliver. Or another way to look at it: Average shipping cost per item dropped from 6.40 Euros to 7.30/2=3.65 Euros, it will work the same for the 3rd and 4th item you add. In case you buy from Amazon site which is not your country’s site,  The key is to gather up few items in one order. This is why we collected items into categories according to different Amazon sites. Usually, It is better to buy a few, and then save it to the right occasion.


2. If you are a non-EU citizen – You get 18% VAT refund on your order! Yap, that’s right, you don’t need to do anything to “win” this benefit if you send your order to your address outside of the EU. There is shipping cost you need to pay if you are a non-EU resident who orders in from but you get a decent compensation for that through the VAT free refund. Here you can see an example for the same order from for a total value of 88.23 GBP,  you can see the difference in total charge is reasonable, despite the big difference in shipping costs:







The non-EU resident paid only 74.15 GBP because he is not charged for the VAT. That makes the big difference in the shipping cost to be less significant. in this case it’s about 5 GBP difference between the orders. So if you get a great price in for example and you happen to be a non-European – you can also enjoy it thanks to the VAT return. The VAT is reduced automatically. After you proceed to checkout, before you Pay and make the order you’ll be able to see the reduced prices.  

3. AMAZON PRIME – You might find a set you like but the price is reserved exclusively for Amazon Prime member, and you might not be one. First of all, you need to know that these exclusive sales for Amazon Prime members come and go. If you don’t need to have the item soon, then you can try waiting for a better price sometime else. Also, Some of the special prices start as a benefit to all of Amazon costumers and after a while they become exclusive, so if you find something that you like and you want to have it in its sale price, don’t wait too long.

Generally, people who use Amazon on a frequent basis can benefit the membership of Amazon Prime, since it reduces shipping cost, offers sales, and for those who use Amazon fire TV (like I am) it gives a lot of free content. altogether it’s a matter of how frequent do you buy in order to understand if you can earn more in benefits than the cost of the membership. If you want to try Amazon Prime for 30 days for free,  you can do it from here, if it didn’t match your expectations, you can cancel within 30 days:

Amazon Prime UK – 30 days free trial 

Amazon Prime Germany (DE) – 30 days free trial 

Amazon Prime France (FR) – 30 days free trial

That’s it. Hope you got it. Follow this and you can discover the best places to buy to buy your playmobil sets and to enjoy the best price.